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ok, imagine yourself at Home

woman home alone needing company

Home Alone

Your other half is away or maybe your friends are busy. The sofa is calling you: “Stay here with me! There’s a movie on. You've already seen it, but what the heck? You never remember the plot!”

But you want to have fun.

You go on Invite For A Bite. There's a group of women meeting at a restaurant in town. You look at their profile pages. One definitely shares your sense of humour. Another has lived in a country you're planning to visit. There’s one place left on the invite. You click ‘Count Me In!’

The sofa stays empty. The movie unwatched. You hear real-life stories and have a real-life laugh. Thanks to ifab, you have a great time.

woman in new town making friends

New Girl In Town

You've moved to a new city. Adventure! Excitement! Change! Loneliness.

You get out there, you meet new people. There are clubs to join and classes to attend. But where are the classes in ‘friendly chat over a bottle of wine’? You go on Invite For A Bite. You create an invite: ‘Let's share some pizza and a bottle of wine at my place’. Three people are up for it. The conversation flows as easily as the wine. Your house feels warmer. The city more friendly. Thanks to ifab, you have a great time.

women having fun together

New Friends New Ways

Maybe you live in Derbyshire, UK, and want to take part in a toe-wrestling championship. Perhaps you're in Texas, USA, and intrigued by the Toilet Seat Art Museum. Maybe you want to go rollerblading, or swim with the local tuna.

Your old friends are busy, or just plain scared. You go on Invite For A Bite and see who's up for it. Five people are. You get together: you swim, you rollerblade, you toe-wrestle. At some point you probably eat together. Thanks to ifab you meet new people, you discover new fun. You have a great time.

ok, imagine yourself Away

single woman travelling alone making friends

On The Road

You're brave. You travel alone. The taste of freedom is sweeter than catnip. But there are times, as Elvis knew, when you feel a bit ‘lonesome tonight’.

Some women are happy alone at night in a bar or a restaurant, surrounded by other people having fun. Others prefer their hotel rooms. But for you. . . there's Invite For A Bite!

You tell other ifabbers where you're heading and arrange to meet up when they get there. You check out the site when you arrive and meet friendly people to eat with. You have alone-time when you need it, and company when you want it. Thanks to ifab, you have a great time.

womens social groups

Local Ladies

You're on the road with a friend. You're open, you're friendly, you meet other travelers. But what about the people who live where you're traveling. What about . . . the locals?

On Invite For A Bite you see invites from local women. Perhaps they want to practise their English. Maybe they're thinking of visiting your country. Or maybe they're bored on a Saturday night. Whatever! The wine flows. You learn stuff they don’t print in the guide books. Thanks to ifab, you have a great time.

business women travelling together

Business With Pleasure

You're a woman traveling on business. Statistically your numbers are increasing, but hotel rooms don't get any more interesting. Sitting on your own in a hotel restaurant can feel as exciting as a management meeting.

On Invite For A Bite you notice a group of women meeting in a bar down town. You look at their profiles: a teacher, a writer, a nurse, an air hostess. They definitely won't be talking shop. There's one place left on their invite. You click ‘Count Me In!’ You jump in a taxi and guess what? Yep! You have a great time.